Born 01 May 1970, Brazzaville (Congo)
French mother / Congolese father


Prosody, Comparative & Historical Linguistics, Computational linguistics, Zoolinguistics (Bantu and Khoisan language families)


Congo, Angola, Namibia, Zambia. Languages: zone H and K, congolese vehicular languages (Munukutuba and Lingala). Focus on Ngangela (K.12) (PhD thesis), zone K and Kibeembe (H.11) (father tongue).


Service for Linguistics, Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale (Tervuren, Belgium)


Doctorat 3ème Cycle (French PhD). Subject: "Tonology of Ngangela", 2002, INALCO Paris (France), 408p.

Abstract: The very first thing that one may wonder is: what's Ngangela? Even though you are a bantuist, the answer is not as clear as our current bantu maps suggest, and not to avoid like History did. In that thesis, I describe the linguistic situation, talk about the proper Ngangela, give a definition to it, and focus my analysis on prosody of one dialect. But all along, and especially for nominal tonology, I give tonal data from neighbouring languages: three other dialects in the Nyemba cluster, Rukwangali, Nkangala, Mbwela, Mbunda, Umbundu, Lwimbi cluster and Lucazi. That is to back up my results on Ngangela as well as for comparison. This work gives more than a survey on languages of that forgotten area, bringing new tonal data, new roots for reconstruction, details on tonal behaviours... Field work 98-99

Pre-university studies in Congo-Brazzaville, maths & physics at Brest (France), a BTS (professional associate degree) in international trade. Graduate & Postgraduate studies at the Department of African Languages, INALCO (Paris, France). A major in Swahili language during the first three years. 6 months (1994) in Leiden (Netherlands), Erasmus exchange program. Two dissertations (1996 and 1997, see contributions) prior to doctoral studies


  • 2002 Tonologie du Ngangela (Tonology of Ngangela, French PhD) see 'Academic Background' above
  • 2001 Some Aspects of Ngangela Tonology (Bantu K.12b), Paper presented at the 31st Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics, Leiden University (The Netherlands)
  • 2000 Le vocabulaire de la faune en kibeembe (H.11) (Vocabulary of fauna in Kibeembe), Afrikanistische ArbeitsPapier n° 62, p.151-161
  • 1998 Tons et accent en kibeembe (H.11) (Tones and accent in Kibeembe). Paris, 49p.(DL 98-49550(D4)) Note that it is a good overview of the language, but I have revised my tonal analysis since then!
  • 1997 The Bantu zone K. A new analysis. Paper for DEA (Post-graduate diploma taken before completing a PhD), INALCO, 101p. (in French)
  • 1997 French language as spoken in Brazzaville (Les particularités de la langue française parlée à Brazzaville). Paris, 37p. (protected, not published, but available at http://www.bantu-languages.com/fr/francong.html) (in French)
  • 1996 The names of primates in bantu languages, a comparative study. Paper for DREA (Master's degree equivalent), INALCO, 104p. (in French)
  • 1991/92 Taking part in the Lingala version of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" A. Dzokanga (tape)

Scripting (Perl, JScript, PHP, MySQL...), Unicode...

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