índaka ya ngangéla

I won't be long here talking about ngangela [ngŕngélŕ] (sometimes written nganguela) 'cause this is exactly what I am doing within the framework of a PhD Thesis. So let me give you just a few features of that language.

If I say that Ngangela is spoken by around 180000 inhabitants in South Eastern Angola, and that this language is one of those used by the national radio, I am talking about a group of languages! Listen to this sample of Ngangela radio broadcast (shortwave poor quality, I'm sorry!). You may explore the links proposed by Mutete if you want some more information about the whole Ngangela group.

Even though there is a short comparative section in my thesis, the topic is the Ngangela spoken around Menongue. It is a bantu language classified somewhere in K.10 depending on the version. See Guthrie's K.12 to have an idea. This Ngangela is in fact, the westernmost of the group. I count some dialects for Ngangela proper.

Listen to a sentence in Ngangela "proper" (The bird is flying slowly)

Bibliography on the language is not important, and when it exists, it is often about all the neighboring languages put together.

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